Where to Shop for Winter Formals?

Where to Shop for Winter Formals?

Where to Shop for Winter Formals?. Mobile Image

Oct 28, 2023

Are you looking for that perfect Winter Formal fit? Look no further than Occasions by Dress Gallery!

HOCO has come and gone and we had some FABULOUS looks out there. Scroll to the bottom for a HOCO recap!


Here's our Top 10 Tips for Shopping Winter Formals!



#1 Shop in Person

Amazon is an incredible tool for many shopping needs, but formal wear requires special attention. We once helped someone who had ordered THREE dresses online! When she finally came in, about a week before her event, she realized she didn't like any! She thought she liked sequins but then when she tried it one she realized she was more of a lace girlie! Shopping in person helps you see what you actually like!

















#2 Don't Shop Hungry

Please, please, please do not shop hungry! We know what you're thinking! You want to look your most snatched so you skip breakfast. First, let us be the first to say, you are beautiful the way you are! Work what you have! The right dress will highlight you-- don't modify yourself for the dress! Also, ever been hangry? We have seen plenty of girls try on some beautiful dresses go home frustrated and empty-handed. Honestly,  a snack is probably all they needed! Don't shop hungry, ladies. 


#3 Come with an Open Mind

As we said before, you may think, "I NEED *insert preferred dress here*" You come in, you see it, it's the only one you pick to try on and when you finally look in the mirror you realize you don't love it. Sometimes we are our biggest obstacle to finding a dress that really shows us off! Next time you come in try thinking, "I think I might like this, but I want to try a few other things on too." You'd be surprised how many times girls go home with something different than expected but totally in love! 


#4 Try on a New Style

This ties in a little with #3. Feathers, velvet, asymmetrical, rhinestones, these are all little details that might throw you when you see the dress on the hanger. But the old saying is true, you never know until you try! You might actually look super chic wearing those feathers! You may actually rock the fringe! So don't pass up the opportunity to pop off! Try a new style and be bold enough to be fashion forward!


#5 Look at Multiple Colors

Yeah, at this point we're just riffing on #3. But we want to be crystal clear! If you saw yourself wearing orange, be open to try other colors! Maybe you like a bright pink! Maybe your complexion looks amazing in emerald? The more broad your color preferences are when shopping, the more successful you will be in finding that fab dress!


Trust Your Stylist

This is super important! Your stylist is on your side. This tip is important for the Mammas to hear too! We help women find their dresses all day! We are professional and at the end of the day, we want to see your daughter happy, too! As a stylist, we can pick up on how our customers feel. We can see when you are actually excited or when you need encouragement. As a shopper, don't be afraid to try on a dress we suggest. Our goal is to make YOU look great! 


#7 Alterations are Everything!

If you are excited about winter formal, you've probably looked up the latest trends! What is important to remember is that most of those models have clips on the back of their dresses that make those dresses look like a perfect fit! You may even be curvier in one part of your body than all the others-- and that is beautiful! When you shop, shop with all your curves in mind and remember that a couple alterations can fix any of the looser parts! Since you never know if you need alterations, plan to come in at least 3 weeks before your winter formal! Our stylists can help you figure out if you need alterations!


#Be Open to Try Different Sizes

This is so, so, so important! Every designer is different and every fabric gives and takes in different ways! Here at Occasions, we want you to know your identity and value is not found in a size number! Formal sizing is not consistent with every-day fashion sizes. Be open to go up or down a size. Your stylist can help you navigate this!


#9 Quality Dresses Get You That Look

We love a good deal, who doesn't? I once heard that mid-westerners LOVE to show off how much money they have saved. HOWEVER, when it comes to a formal event, you get what you paid for. So if you want that glam look for your winter formal, remember that quality matters! You can expect top-notch quality from Occasions. You will notice a difference!



#10 First Come, First Serve

Winter formal shopping can be cut-throat in the best way. Don't be stuck shopping every one else's left overs the Friday before the dance! This might be a good time to mention that we are a 1 of 1 store! This means that we do not carry multiple of the same dresses in the same size and color. We do that on purpose! This makes each look more exclusive and unique. 


Bonus Tip: Fitting in is Fine but Standing out is Slay

It breaks our hearts to see a girl love her fit but leave it behind because she is afraid of standing out too much. We get it, you don't want to be made fun of or for someone to think you are extra. There is a time and place to consider other people's advice but we hope you have the CONFIDENCE to OWN your winter formal look and slay the day. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for YOU to love how you look! That is going to bring a confident smile in the pictures!